Welcome to Component Development

is an extension to Java language which provides you new Component features. Component will help you structure your softwares. It is a great tool to avoid spaghetti coding. It is not intended to replace object, but it adds new higher abstractions which can be seen as black boxes. With it, it is easier to divide your source code in a human understable manner. comes also whith some features attached to black box which will help you to better control data flow between the different components and also their dependencies.

The two main benefits are :

As the adage says "A picture is worth a thousand words", have a look to the below picture on which you are able to see the main abstractions of component

Getting started

A very important point about is its simplicity. It is light. All you need is the library "c3.jar" and with few lines of code, you will write your first components. Just follow the tutorial available in the download page.

Get involved

is an open source project. Sources are available on GitHub, at the following link : github.com/CapCaval/C3